Outdoor Survival Skills Books

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Urban Survival Guide (Outdoor Life)

Do you know what to do if someone tries to hijack your car? Break into your home? Assault you with a weapon? You’d better. Luckily, the Urban Survival Manual from Outdoor Life magazine will equip you to prevail over any bad guy and ba Price:$9.99 Read More

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72-Hour Bag

When an unexpected emergency or disaster hits, are you prepared if you have to leave your home? All to often when these events occur there is little warning and even less time to prepare or pack. This book will help you to create a self-contained d Price: Read More

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Survival Skills of Native California

In the most comprehensive work of its kind, author Paul Campbell reveals the knowledge he has spent twenty years learning and reproducing from California’s Natives. Included are sections on basic skills, the tools for gathering and preparing food, Price:$40.00 Read More

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The ultimate survival & bug out guide

This guide will prepare readers for any type of disaster they may face. In this book you will learn the best locations to choose your camp area, stealth camping techniques, what the best defense firearms are, what to stock to survive a disaster and u Price: Read More

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Prepper: Bug Out Basics. How to Build Your Apocalypse Survival Vehicle: (DIY Prepper, DIY Prepping, DIY Survival Hacks, prepper, preppers pantry, prepper … How to Survive a Disaster, Preppers Book 1)

Have you ever thought about preparing for the future? Not just in the existential sense, or even in the financial sense, but in the literal sense, taken as far as you can? Literally stockpiling enough for you and your family to survive for mont Price: Read More

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