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Emergency Building Escape Bugout Bug Out Bag with Fox Tactical Duty Pack / backpack (High Visibility Safety Orange) loaded with Ontario Knife Company SP8 Machete pry bar with sheath, Adventure Medical Kits SOL Hybrid 3, Ultimate Survival Technologies UST Stormproof Floating Butane Lighter (Black), SOS Food Lab emergency drinking water and 2400 calorie emergency food bar, Coghlans 36 hour survival candle, Coghlans waterproof matches, leather double palm work gloves, Gladding paracord (Black), emergency blanket, emergency poncho, N95 masks, wetnaps, Coghlans toilet paper, tissue

WARNING: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this product. Emergency Building Escape Survival Bag includes: FOX Tactical Duty Pack (High Visibility Safety Orange) 19 1/2″x12″x12″. TOOLS: Ontario Knife Company SP8 Machete / Pry Bar with many Price:$329.95 Read More

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Fox Tactical 3 Day Hiking Camping Hunting Military Backpack Off-Grid Rescue Survival Bag includes FOX Tactical Field Operators Action Pack (Black), Ontario Knife Company New for 2013 WYVERN AXE (a Crash axe & breaching tool made w/ 5160 “steel that cuts other steel) with Sheath; UST 30-Day Lantern (Silver) w/ High, Medium, low and SOS Flashing light AMK Sportsman First Aid Kit UST B.A.S.E. All-Weather Tarp (includes tarp, guy lines, steel stakes & stuff sack for carrying components when not in use) Ultimate Survival Technologies Base Kit 2.0 (includes Sparkie Fire Starter, 2 WetFire tinder cubes, JetScream Floating Signal Whistle, aLOKSAK Waterproof Pouch, liquid-filled compass, 2 Chlorine Dioxide Water Purifer Tablets & StarFlash Floating Signal Mirror) eGear eQ2 Utility LED Light (green) w/head strap or clip-on (steady-on or flashing utra-light) 300 feet 7 strand Gladding Paracord (Black-Made in the U.S.A); Heavy-Duty Double Palm Work Gloves Emergency Food (2 MREs & 2 SOS Food Labs 2400 Calorie Bars) and Drinking Water (18 – 4.22 oz packets)

Rescue/Survival Bag includes: FOX TACTICAL FIELD OPERATORS ACTION PACK-Black; ONTARIO KNIFE COMPANY New for 2013 WYVERN AXE designed to serve as crash axe & breaching tool w/ wide applications for military, first-responder & civilian use. Made of 516 Price:$785.00 Read More

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